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Excel Superpowers

Time limit: 60 days
1 credit

$80 Enroll

Full course description

There are a few Excel skills that are fairly easy to learn and understand and go a long way toward increasing your productivity and saving you hours or even days of work. Knowledge is power and these critical, technical skills you learn will help you perform your work more efficiently. 


Participants will learn:

  • Concatenation: Combine multiple columns together in one column
  • Text to columns: Separate out one column into multiple columns (e.g. you have a column that lists customers’ names and you want to separate it out so one column has first name and another column has last name)
  • Vlookups: Easily and quickly transfer information from one worksheet to accompany related information on another worksheet
  • Filters: Easily and quickly filter out information to only the data/information that you want to view/work with right now
  • Pivot tables: Create a table of statistics that summarizes the data/information in your worksheet


Participants will learn through recorded videos, working through worksheets/exercises and knowledge checks. The program is one hour of instruction over five modules with Dr. Carol Johnson, OSU School of Accounting instructor. Anyone who is looking to improve their knowledge of Excel and works often in this software should register and learn from this program, which will make your life much easier when working with data and information.